Is Microsoft Windows 10 basically a spying operating system?

Discussion in 'Windows Discussions and Solutions' started by ItuExchange, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Key logger is turned on and data syncing of all your files to their company servers is also turned on by default. Most users will not know how to turn it off or don't have the time.

    I should disclose - I work in Microsoft, as a developer. It is a pain for me to follow all rules for collecting of personal data. Phone has your location, but we cannot use it to suggest commute unless we disclose that we use your location.

    If we collect our application usage (how many times you use a feature, for example) or if we send crash data, we need to strip all personal data. It is a pain. We have mandatory training for dealing with customer data.

    Finally Microsoft wants to make money (I am interested too, to get salary). The worst nightmare is to accidentally collect and then leak personal data, so we take it very seriously. For example, Windows 10 has a feedback tool where people can describe their problems. People sometimes put their name and e-mail addresses and, since we want to share this feedback with device manufactures, we need to clear personal data from the feedback. This is a huge problem and there is a whole project dedicated to this, but finally they hired contractor to do it manually. It did cost a lot of money.

    The bottom line we use personal data (for example Exchange servers keep a lot of e-mails ), but take special efforts to protect it. For example, I work on project that automatically checks you into meetings. We have to take special extra steps to make sure your data is stored properly and that delays our project.

    Sorry for long mail, but the bottom line - if my code leaks personal data and then people sue Microsoft, Microsoft loses money. That would not be fun for me.


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