Is Australia a better country than US and UK?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ItuExchange, Jan 15, 2017.

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    Having lived in all 3 countries: I like to say this: Australia has the best of America and of Europe.

    It is similar to Europe with:
    Excellent free or near free universal health care
    Excellent free or near free universal education
    Gun free country
    Social safety nets
    Very safe
    Excellent workplace conditions
    4 weeks at the minimum vacation leave
    A sense of civility in all things political and social,
    Religion stays at church/Mosque/Temple for those that go there.

    The country as a whole does have the individual and country interest at heart.
    It is similar to America with:
    Reduced red tape for most things
    A business friendly environment
    A can do attitude
    A will do attitude
    Land of opportunity for those willing to work hard
    Large open spaces and lots of wilderness

    Australia is also similar to both America and the UK (and other European countries) in
    A robust and mature democracy
    It is willing to punch above its weight on the international scene for what it believes is right (Anti terror, climate, freedom…)
    Wealthy and influential
    Multi cultural

    A society based on the rule of the law, law which is decided by its population.

    And Australia is of course unique in its combination of all the above as well as its people who are
    More resilient than the average,
    Have a heightened sense of humour,
    Can be sometimes brash and outspoken,
    Always ready to take own up to mistakes and errors.
    Always there to help.

    Is Australia better? I think so, others might not… To each his own.


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