iPhone 7 Plus Trasmit Distorted Garbled Unrecognizable

Discussion in 'Iphone' started by adamjohnson, Nov 18, 2016.

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    We just bought 2 new iPhone 7 Plus phones. One seems fine. The other the transmission is garbled or distorted so bad words are unintelligible at time.

    Seems worse in normal (non speaker mode) At first we thought it was due to the increase in size from our old iPhone 6. Thinking your mouth is further from the microphone. We swapped phones around and made numerous calls and isolated it to the one phone. Everyone complains of the speech quality when a call is made with this phone.

    Getting this phone replaced has become a real hassle. We bought it through Costco. We took out Apple Care on the phone. The Costco kiosk suggested we go to Apple. (We don't want that charged against our insurance plan and use up that replacement. It is our contention this is a defective phone right out of the box. Then the Costco kiosk said they would swap it when they get a batch of new phones in. No firm date and they said it could be 30 days. We engaged Costco management, and also Verizon directly. There has been no satisfactory resolution yet. Though Verizon promised a phone would be delivered next week.

    Is anyone else having this transmit problem with the iPhone 7 Plus?


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