Job Posting If you have 0.03 btc you can make 0.2 btc over and over again in less than 48hrs

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    If you have 0.03 btc you can make 0.2 btc over and over again in less than 48hrs
    M2M BTC is a member to member donation. You register with 0.03 btc
    After your registration
    You upgrade with that 0.03 btc
    Then two people is placed under you who pays you instantly 0.03 each
    That gives you 0.06
    You upgrade to the final stage with 0.05 from your 0.06
    And keep 0.01 for yourself.
    Now you are in stage two which is final stage
    Four people will pay you 0.05 each as they upgrade to stage two that gives you 0.2 btc. You have cycled ou, you need to pick another number from the list to start afresh
    This four people are the downlines of your two direct downlines.
    What strategy?
    2*2 M2M

    Here's how it will work
    Follow the admin instruction carefully
    Recieve the referral link from the admin alone
    The list is the prioritytheir
    Once you have register, send your referral link to the admin so that the next two people can come under you
    Do not use the link sent to you more than once. Get fresh link from the admin
    If you cycle out and want to re-enter, simply pick a new number down and wait for the admin to give you link when they reach the number.
    Recieve your two referrals upgrade

    Remember if you do not upgrade to level 2, the system will block that account. U open a new one with the admins instructions.
    when opening anothe account, u dont need to just open a new email or bitcoin address , just follow admins instructions on how to do it. Click on the WhatsApp group link to get started

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