I have made 16,540 naira so far- no investments,no refferals

Discussion in 'Breaking News Nigeria' started by amakvitaa, Jan 10, 2017.

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    i have made 16,500 naira so far , This is no hyip , you can now relax your mind, and earn decent pay
    the truth is that i joined them for three reasons
    1. they pay me for each post i make,each question i answer, and each news i read, they said they are not charity organizations, so they make their money from the adverts they place in my posts, i don't need to bother about creating a website or fighting for adsense anymore
    2 . as i post articles, they correct me on mistakes and help me to be a better blogger
    3 they do not worry me about links on my posts, so i can also post about an online network like MMM, HELP2GET, ICHARITY or ultimate Cycler, including your referral link and get plenty of downlines,
    no need saying much while i have my earnings proof here , or search " everything about blognigeria. com. ng " on google ,to see , thank me later there with my username AMAKVITAA

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