Huawei unveils the New Kirin960 for amplified smartphone experience.

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    Fast growing global smartphone company, Huawei has announced the introduction of the premium Kirin960 chipset to provide a smoother, faster and more secure Android experience for its customers. The new Kirin960 will make its debut on Huawei’s upcoming flagship device and is the latest addition to the Kirin900 family.

    In addition to setting a new industry standard for smartphone power, speed and durability, the new Kirin960 is the global leader for the newest commercial Cortex-A73 CPU, Mali G71 GPU, and UFS 2.1 storage. The Kirin960 also fully supports the newest graphics standard, Vulkan to give users an ultrafast experience.

    According to the company, the revolutionary chipset comes with advanced performance, improved efficiency and even more security across a wide range of applications. It also provides a great balance between performance and power consumption, with upgraded voice calling technology to provide a face-to-face calling experience, an integrated global modem that supports 4CC 600 Mbps for faster internet speeds and better performance, and the latest in-house smart audio solution, Hi6403 to produce HiFi voice quality.

    Country Manager, Devices, Huawei Nigeria, Leo Jiang said the Kirin960 sets a new standard for endurance time and allows consumers to enjoy augmented reality games. “Be it for photography, making calls, gaming or connectivity, the Kirin960 will enhance the Android experience,” he said.
    He disclosed that the Kirin 960 was been introduced to give its consumers a smartphone experience that is constantly improving and exceeding their expectations. “The new advanced chipset supports a range of amazing features which includes amongst other unique features, the latest dual camera technology that mimics the human eye for faster focus and unparalleled clarity. The Kirin 960 is also the world’s first chip with finance-level security,” he said.

    Jiang further noted “Our strategy involves a strong focus on the quality of our products and we are committed to creating solutions which bridge technological gaps. This is why Huawei earmarks more than 10 percent of its annual sales revenue to research and development efforts, and we have received widespread, international acclaim and recognition for our industry standard-setting devices.”
    The latest introduction of the Kirin960 is a reflection of Huawei’s premium and high-tech offering that sees sophisticated design and simple user interface come together.

    The smartphone company also revealed that some of its new phone models will come equipped with the powerful Kirin 960 chipset.

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