How will Hillary Clinton and her supporters react if she loses the election?

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    As someone who has been very public in my support of Hillary Clinton. I will exercise my 2nd Amendment rights and purchase a gun and get a Concealed Weapons Permit - the first firearm I will have owned in the twenty years since I retired from the U. S. Army and gave all my personal firearms to family members who live in Northwestern Colorado (living in isolated rural areas, primarily on horse ranches, and often hunting deer for meat, they have more need for firearms than I do living in a suburb of Boston. The only hunting I do is hunting for things in the aisles of the nearby supermarket).

    Some of those who have already send me death threats because of my publicly expressed contempt for their Beloved Leader, Donald Trump, might attempt to carry them out and I intend to live until my 90th birthday - at which time I hope to be shot by a jealous husband who finds me in bed with his wife.

    I don’t plan on leaving earlier than then.


    Neteller here:

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