How to wake up a dead or fried Qsat receiver while upgrading

Discussion in 'Satellite Cables and Dish and Wifi discussions' started by press2, Nov 15, 2016.

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    Apart from strong receivers, the other most used and popular receivers is Qsat. Although, the only thing that makes me dislike the receiver is the bad tuner. Apart from that, when it comes to darkside, i mean the iks and cccam thing, qsat is the best. One thing that causes signal instability on Qsat is when you insert sim card into the receiver. So it's always advisable to use wifi stick, for better signal stability, talking to my own very experience.
    Now if you are one of those with a dead Qsat, which often happens when you're trying to upgrade with any latest patch and the power went off, and you start seeing blue screen, dust your receiver and follow this simple guide to bring it back to life;
    • Get a clean flash drive
    • Download the software of the decoder in question
    • Extract it, and send it to a computer
    • Rename the software to rom.bin
    • Transfer back to your flash drive
    • Plug in to the receiver and power it on
    • Wait for it to boot and start re-installing
    • Now after it gets to 100%, remove the flash from the receiver and power off the receiver and power on again, it should be fine
    Now if you're having any sort of errors while upgrading after you had rename the software to rom.bin, give attention to the following guides;
    • Factory reset the receiver
    • Make sure you download the software of the receiver
    • Make sure your flash drive is virus free
    • If you keep having errors, then you should consider changing the IC.
    Recently, Qsat only released softwares for Q23, 26 and Q28g. They had refused to write auto roll softwares on the other receivers. Now if you currently have a qsat decoder apart from the once mentioned above, and you still have setup for HD 24 but you haven't saved to purchase an auto roll decoder, just look for an engineer, ask him to change your IC to Qsat 23g or Q26g, then you can now load their respective software to it and enjoy powervu auto roll
    Startimes is giving all his subscribers free view till 20th of November, 2016. If you have any combo receiver, like alphabox x6, Q28g, or any receiver that can scan terrestrial channels, just get a gotv antenna, plug to the receiver and scan all startimes channels and watch for free. Sorry for bringing this information late, i have been very busy lately.
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