How to Unlock Bootloader, Root, Install TWRP & Decrypt Internal Storage on Huawei Mate 8

Discussion in 'Huawei' started by Babadinho, Nov 10, 2016.

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    For an easy way to Unlock, Root & Decrypt your Mate 8 here are the steps you need to take. This has been requested by a number of you so here it goes:

    1) Unlock your bootloader. There are three steps you can take. The first is free. The second method requires you to pay a few dollars but it works and is the fastest way. I would highly recommended this method. This is confirmed working on all models.

    Option 1: Make a Huawei ID on your phone and stay signed in for 14 days and go then online to unlock your bootloader and it should work on the website.

    Option 2: If you want to unlock your phone immediately and don't mind paying a few dollars this method works. Visit here:

    - Download the DC Unlocker Software
    - On their site buy 4 credits. I used PayPal. It cost me around $4.38 USD.
    - Follow the instructions in their tutorial. Choose "Read Bootloader Code" in DC-Unlocker to get your bootloader code. It was pretty easy.
    - Put your phone in bootloader mode (plug into the computer and hold in power and volume down with the phone off) and download the Android tools from the link at the end of step two. Extract them to a folder on your desktop and open a command prompt to that folder and type in fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx where x is your bootloader unlock code the DC Unlocker program gave you.

    2) Download the TWRP recovery of the EMUI version you are currently on (5.0 ,5.1, 6.0) from here:

    Then put your phone into Bootloader Mode (plug phone into computer and hold in power + vol down) and fastboot flash the TWRP recovery file you downloaded. Here are the Android tools you need to fastboot flash. Extract them to a folder and put the twrp recovery img file inside the folder as well and open up a command prompt to the folder and type in fastboot flash recovery TWRP-ENG-XXX.img (where XXX is the version of TWRP you downloaded) Then type in fastboot reboot. When your phone reboots shut it back down and then hold in volume up and power until it turns on and keep holding in volume up until the phone boots into TWRP recovery.

    3) Root your phone.
    In TWRP flash SuperSU:

    After flashing you will be rooted and on TWRP successfully.

    4) Decrypt your internal storage.
    You must decrypt your internal storage so TWRP can see it or if you want to be able to flash a rom. If you're getting an unable to format data in TWRP then you know you need to do this. Boot into TWRP then go to Wipe then Advanced Wipe then Format Data and type in yes. This will wipe and decrypt your internal storage. BACK UP YOUR INTERNAL STORAGE before you do this if you have anything important on it. (Pics are at the bottom of this post) Then either flash one of my roms or decrypted boot.img to keep the internal storage decrypted. If you boot with the stock boot.img installed it will encrypt your internal storage again and you'll have to repeat the process.

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