How To See A Color Corrected World Using Your iPhone

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by skylimit, Nov 11, 2016.

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    How To See A Color Corrected World Using Your iPhone

    Color blindness is not the kind of vision impairment you can fix with laser surgery. There are specials Enchroma glasses available to fix color blindness. They aren’t the cheapest, especially if you compare them to normal prescription glasses. To make life easier for those who are color blind, technology tries to compensate for it via special accessibility features. Both iOS and Android have color correction options available. Binoculars is an iOS app released by Microsoft that lets you see a color corrected world via your camera. The app is basically a camera app that isn’t meant for taking photos but for looking at the world and seeing it better. It has filters for all three types of color blindness defects.

    Install Binoculars and select which type of color correction you need to use. The three different corrections you can apply are shown at the bottom of the app’s screen. Tap the one you want to use and turn the filter on from the button at the bottom.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    In the screenshots above, the object the app was used to look at was originally shades of orange. With the blue/yellow correction filter applied, it turned a shade of purple which is easier to see for people who have Tritanopia.

    Binoculars, conceptually, is an awesome app. Realistically, you can’t use it for very long because the app will drain your battery. You will be left with a dead phone if you use the app too much. It doesn’t drain the phone battery any more than a normal camera app would but the camera itself is just a huge drain regardless of what an app does.

    To be clear, the app doesn’t make it so someone with color blindness can see colors they normally can’t. Instead, it corrects colors in real time so that a person with the disability can see an object. This might come especially in handy at night.

    Binoculars hasn’t been released for Android just yet. iOS users must be running iOS 9 or above to use the app.

    Install Binoculars From The App Store

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