How To Scan Text Documents With Your Android.

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    How To Scan Text Documents With Your Android.


    These days smartphones have become our companion and go to device for many things including scanning your documents file with your android and a lot other things, especially considering How Much Your Smartphone Has Been Saving You now add scanning of text documents from pictures to that list and see what happens. You'd be grateful to the android OS.

    How really can we scan documents with just our android smartphone? The powerful camera that come with most android smartphones of recent is very capable of taking very detailed pictures and also recognise objects in these pictures. Some of these android smartphones even come with dual cameras which even make our job of scanning text documents easier.

    Just like most other android tips and tricks(How-to) scanning text documents from pictures to texts would use a specific image-to-text android app that makes use of OCR(Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognise texts on images/photos taken with your smartphone camera. Now, OCR is not a new thing. It's been around for quite a while now but has gotten better and better with the advent of better camera sensors.

    For this, we would use Text Fairy click on and download Text Fairy apk from that link. After downloading and installing Text Fairy apk launch it and you'd see something like this


    Depending on the android version your device is running you'd have to allow certain permissions to your android scan documents with it's camera.
    Looking at the image above(homepage of the app), there are two icons at the top right corner of the screen first is an option that lets you take a photo now and let the app and analyse and bring out the texts while the the icon lets you to select a photo you've already taken sometime ago and let the app analyse and do the same as the other option.
    At the top left corner is the hamburger menu icon which when tapped pulls out more options, such as release notes, add language, show tips, feed back etc.
    Towards the bottom of the app is another 'download language button' which let's you download other language asides the ones that come with the app.
    That's it about introduction to scanning text documents from pictures with our android camera using Text Fairy.

    Let's see how taking photo of a document we want to scan and capture texts in it looks like in the image below


    While the camera is on, adjust your phone and it's camera to focus well on the text area you want to scan from the photo then you shoot. If the photo taken isn't clear enough to scan the app would detect and request you take another photo till it's clear enough.
    After getting a clear picture the app would also ask how may columns are there and a few other options.

    Continue as the app is easy to understand and use, till you finally scan your text documents from pictures.

    That's all you need ti begin scanning text documents from images with your android smartphone.


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