How To Run Duplicate Apps And Accounts On Android Easily

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    How To Run Duplicate Apps And Accounts On Android


    In this post I'll show you how you can run duplicate of your apps and games easily.

    Why do I necessarily need to run duplicate of my apps and games? you might ask. Now, think again.

    Benefits Of Running Duplicates Of Apps/Games And Accounts On Android
    - To Improve/increase your productivity(run official and personal social accounts with ease).
    - For Fun(running duplicate game apps can be height of fun)
    - To separate work from fun(You don't want to post picture of you swimming on your official/work Instagram account).
    - And other benefits you can think of.


    How To Run Duplicate Apps And Accounts On Android Easily

    Running duplicates of apps, games and accounts on your android has been made really easy with the use of an app, Parallel Spaces.

    The Parallel Spaces app is an easy to set up and use android.
    What does the Parallel Spaces app really do?
    Parallel Spaces actually run a virtual android environment to enable you run duplicate of apps and games or accounts on your android without interfering with the already installed ones.

    To run duplicate apps, games and accounts on your android download and install Parallel Spaces app(download link would be provided at end of post).

    Once downloaded and installed, launch the app and swipe through the intros and you'd be presented with the home of app.

    At the home of Parallel Spaces there are three options; Invisible Installation, Control Center, and a + symbol at the bottom

    The Invisible Installation allows you install apps that won't be seen on your app drawer only within the Parallel Spaces App, this option requires you to add another Google/gmail account which would only function within the Parallel Spaces Apps.

    The Control Center has utility features/apps such as Settings, Task manager and Storage.

    The + Symbol is the main reason for this post, it allows you to clone/duplicate any of your apps, this is the feature you'll use if you intend running duplicate of your apps or games. Tapping it would bring up the list of your apps at the top and a list of recommended apps below it just as in the image below.

    Selecting on any of your apps at the top would let you clone/duplicate it and tapping on the recommended apps would take you to the playstore to download of which it'll return you to the Parallel Spaces app to clone the downloaded app.

    I guess, from the above you can now use the Parallel Spaces app to duplicate and run duplicates of apps on your android.

    When running your duplicate apps at same time with the 'original' apps, switching is really as your multi-tasking window will show all your apps with their names but the Parallel Spaces apps would be written App Name(Parallel), as seen in the image below.


    That's it about running duplicate apps, games and accounts on your android easily.

    Did you encounter any issue running or trying to run duplicates of your apps, games or accounts? Share them using the comment option.


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