Technology How to root on server (pdf with tools) - By Black -X Genius(Tunsian hacker)

Discussion in 'Ebooks' started by djayz1, Sep 15, 2013.

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    This E-book written by by Black -X Genius(Tunsian hacker 0xHat aka Black genius )
    This small book contains nice article on how professional hackers got root on servers.
    this book is for beginner.
    Lesson those are in this book are
    Contents/Lessons On This BOOK:
    Lesson 1- What is Root ?
    Lesson 2- How can I get on the Root ?
    Lesson 3- Local root and how to search for him ?
    Lesson 4- How connect the server ?
    Lesson 5- How to get Root access ?
    Lesson 6- What happen after the root ?
    Lesson 7- The withdrawal of my domain ?
    Lesson 8- How to do mass deface ?
    Lesson 9- How to register the hacked
    websites on Zoneh?
    Lesson 10- How to clear tracks from server ?

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