How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download

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    How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download

    UC Browser has been the perfect browser for downloading files on android, reason being that it downloads fast and of course is able to resume most file downloads, but there’s never a UC Browser Failed Download situations where you try resuming a file you were downloading only to notice the download link has expired, dead or the download just refused to resume for strange reasons. For this reason, am sharing this post How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download with you today, if you’ve been having the failed to resume download on UC browser on your android.

    This tutorial on How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download has been proven many times on different download sites and different kind of download links to be working perfectly well. Resuming a failed download on UC Browser has never been this easy and straight to the point than as in this tutorial.
    so let’s get to the order if the day,
    Steps to resume a failed down load on UC Browser assuming you’ve already started the download and it failed;

    How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download

    How To Resume UC Browser Failed Download

    • Once the download has failed, leave your UC browser by taping the home key and go to your file manager.
    • In the file manager, locate the UC browser download folder(it’s named ‘UCDownloads’), open it.
    • In the folder you’d see the file you’re downloading that failed and another temporary download file that ends in a ‘.dltemp’ extension.
    • Move both the failed download file and the file that ends in ‘.dltemp’ extension to a different folder location of your choice asides the UCDownloads folder.
    • When done with above, go back to your UC Browser and resume the download of the failed download, you’d notice the file starts downloading from beginning again.
    • Allow it download for a minute(60 seconds), then pause the download.
    • Go back to your file manager and return the two files you moved away from the UCDownloads folder back into the UCDownloads folder.
    • Now, go back to your UC Browser and resume the paused download.
    • After doing the above, you’d see the download resumes exactly at the point the previous download failed.

    Congratulations, you’ve successfully resumed your failed file download on your UC Browser, this is exactly how you can easily resume a failed download on UC browser.


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