How To Restore And Backup Contacts On Android With Vcard Data

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    hi guys
    Am her to show you how to backing up contacts on your android phone and restoring them must not be through mtn backup service. ig you have android phone, then that's all you need to back up and restore contacts effectively without charge on you smartphone. you can use this tutorial to copy contacts from one android phone to another.

    We are going to be performing this contacts backup in two ways
    1. The Manual/External Storage Backup Method
    2. The automatic backup and restore
    The manual method of backing up contacts involves you moving the contacts to an external sd card, then manually restoring the contacts to your smartphone by inserting it in another android phone and performing the restore operation.

    Steps to Backup contacts and transfer them to an External Storage (Memory Card)
    to backup up contacts to sd card on android phone and ransfer it to another phone, follow these steps.
    • click on the menu icon and click on “contacts icon”
    • Select import/export from the option menu as seen in the screenshot below
    • select SD card and click next below the page to continue the process
    • your contacts will be listed, check as many as you wish to backup to the sd card
    • After that, click OK at the top of the screen to finish the process.
    • The contacts will be written to a file that android contacts app can read and saved to your sd card as vcard data.

    From here, you can easily export your contact to another phone

    How to import Backed-up android contact from sd card to android phone

    • Insert the sd card with the backed up contacts into the android phone where you want to restore backup.
    • open contacts and click menu option
    • click import/export
    • In the option that appears, select SD card or memory card
    • Select where you want the contacts to be copied to
    • Then click next.
    • The app will search for vcard data on your sd card.
    Vcard is the format in which backed up contacts are stored in your phone.
    If found, the contacts will be restored and you should be able to see them in your contact list.
    That's how to backup and restore your contacts manually on android devices free of charge

    2.THE AUTOMATIC METHOD of backing up android phone contact

    This is the simplest way to backup your contacts and restore them but it requires data to work. And you will need to sign in to your google account.
    The backup and restore process is basically the same thing here because when you want to backup, you just have to log in and google will automatically sync your contacts to their servers anytime you on your data or add a new contact.

    Also, when you wish to restore your contacts from google servers, just log in again on the new android phone and import your contact through google servers.

    Other means of backing up and restoring Android contacts free of charge

    There are other ways of doing this which involves the use of aps meant for backup and restore.
    Most of them will require an account to which your contacts will be backed up and from where you can still restore it when you wish to do so.

    I hope that this tutorial has been able to help you with different means of backing up your contacts and restoring them on android phone. Later on, we will have a look at the other types of back up one can do on android.


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