How to record your screen in Android Lollipop - no root required

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    How to record your screen in Android Lollipop

    Step 1. Launch Google Play and search for the free Lollipop Screen Recorder app by Rivulus Studios - we found it at the top of the list of search results. Tap on the app, then select Install and accept the permissions. Tap Open once the app is installed on your phone or tablet. There are alternatives, of course, including
    Apowersoft's Android Recorder.


    Step 2. The app is very simple, with just three options. The first lets you change the recording resolution. Keep in mind that you'll be sending the video to someone else, so by reducing the resolution you will be able to reduce the file size.

    The second option notes whether the screen will be recorded in portrait or landscape operation. If you want to switch mode you simply turn the device on its side.

    The third option lets you enable recording from the microphone, which is not enabled by default. This is a very useful option, since with most Android phones it won't be obvious which button you have tapped without the recipient also being able to see your finger. By enabling audio you can tell them what you're pressing as you go along, and they'll be able to see onscreen the results of each button press.


    Step 3. Once you've selected your options and are ready to begin recording just tap the circular icon at the top right of the screen. The first time you use Lollipop Screen Recorder it will inform you that it will now record everything on your screen. Tap the box for 'Don't show again', then tap Start Now. You can then exit the app and set about recording whatever it is you want to include in the screencast.


    Step 4. To finish recording, drag down the notification bar at the top of the screen. Look for a notification that says 'Recording screen', with the video resolution below. To stop recording tap Stop.


    Step 5. To find your screen recording simply re-open the Lollipop Screen Recorder app and it will be visible on the main screen. If you have a file manager app on your phone you'll also find it in the ScreenRecordings folder.


    Step 6. Within the Lollipop Screen Recorder app you'll find options to play, share and delete the file. Your sharing options will depend on what other apps you have installed on your phone, but expect to at least find Bluetooth, Gmail and Messaging here.

    Source : PCadvisor

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