how to make cool cash from goaltycoon

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    Goaltycoon is a game where you take on the role of a manager of a prestigious football club. You build up your park (stadium and all your support facilities ) in order to increase the performance of your team. As your team does well in matches, they get more fans who attend the football games. Naturally, you sell tickets to these fans to attend ,and you make most of your money from ticket sales. Though, you also make money from sponsor and league bonuses.
    As your team generate ticket sales and other incomes, you receive game naira. This game naira is used to pay for team salary, transportation fees, and upkeep costs but assuming you have managed your team well, you will have a surplus.
    These surplus game naira can traded up to gold in order to repair and upgrade the facilities of your park. Facility upgrade will increase your popularity, stadium capacity, player energy, training speed, and so forth. If you now have a surplus gold, you can trade the gold up to Euro.
    Euro can be used to buy a few select items in the game to help improve performance, like energy drinks, foods or business license that allow you to buy and sell players. You can even use the Euro to buy shares and watch as payments into upgrades and other things eventually build up in the partner fund ,which is distributed once the fund reaches 10,000 Euro.
    Finally, if you have a good surplus and nothing else you want to spend on; you can withdraw your hard-earned Euro through netteller or skrill.

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