how to make $20 from pointprizes

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    We've made it as easy as possible to register an account.
    How do I register?
    Visit any page on or website and click the Login/Register button on the top bar of our website. Then submit a valid email address. That's all!
    Alternatively, you can register using our mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    After you submit your email address your account area should open and you can start earning points immediately.
    There is no need to create a password. Prizes are sent to your email address and your settings are secured with a special Access Key, that you can request to be emailed to you from the Settings Tab.
    How do I log in again?
    Just submit your email again and we'll use that to log you back into your existing account.
    Worried about receiving spam emails?
    Don't worry, we never send spam emails and you have complete control over which mailing lists you are subscribed to.
    What about confirming my email address?
    When you register your account we send an email for you to confirm your email address. Just click the button or link and it should take you to an email confirmation page.
    Please check your Junk and Trash folders just in case your email provider saved the email there by mistake. You can also resend your confirmation email from the Settings Tab in your account.
    Confirming your account is not essential, but it's preferable to check that your email is correct so that you know prizes will arrive safely.

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