How To Logout From Facebook On Device Not Yours After Forgetting To Do So

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    At home and office, we login to our Facebook account using multiple devices, and at times we forget to logout. And since Facebook, like other websites, allows accounts to be logged into on multiple devices, there is a possibility that your account is active on an untrusted device you don’t want it to be.

    For example, you might access your account on your office computer which your colleagues also use. And because of our nature as human, you might forget to logout on this computer, putting you at the risk of privacy violation.

    Therefore, to save yourself from a possible privacy breach on Facebook, you need to check all where your account is actively logged in and also take action to remotely log out from devices you don’t trust.

    Logging out remotely helps you end a session—sign out—on any device without being physically accessing the device, and this post will take you through the steps to doing it.

    How to Remotely Logout Your Facebook Account

    * Login to your Facebook account, scroll down to Settings and Privacy and click.

    * On the Settings and Privacy page, Click on Security.

    * On the Security page, locate the option named Where You’re Logged In.

    On the Where You're Logged In page, all devices and locations your account is active on will be displayed.


    Current Session shows the name of your current device and location.

    The other sessions below starting with the words Last Accessed show other devices and locations your account is currently logged in.

    To end a login session, locate the particular session and click on the box in front of it. Scroll to the button named Removed Selected and click on it.


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