How To Have Your Own Desired Web Hosting Company With Just N25,000

Discussion in 'Developers/Programmers forum' started by AUTOSSS, Dec 12, 2019.

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    Today I am with new information that will benefit you. Some years back I started hosted sites with and they've been great. Their support has been tremendous ( you can ask them anything or present your case to them even as far as 10pm at night and they will be there for you plus they have the cheapest hosting packages now in Nigeria (their first plan is even free with 1gb as far as you buy the domain name from them)

    Well back to the topic of the day. The web hosting company is one lucrative business you should venture in, in 2020. Once you are trusted and known, clients will always come flooding in. Imagine having thousands of sites hosting under your server worldwide.
    Recently, announced that they are now helping people that want to have a web hosting company but don't have all the heavy finance to purchase their own server. You know to own your own server and becoming a web hosting company is cost, so has now made it easy for anyone of us that desire to own a web hosting company.

    When you register with them to sell servers, you end up being their server retailer. After registration, they will design your site for you without additional cost. The site will contain your desired hosting price list. This site will also have your own payment powered system so that payments will go straight to your bank account. At the admin backend, you can see all purchases and which package your clients have purchased. Your customers can log in to their accounts on your site.

    Now whenever someone purchases a package, they ( will activate and allocate the disk space, etc. for your customers. Also, complains that have been made to you by clients will be directly handled by themselves hence you have very little work to do. You don't even need to employ staff to work with you since they ( will be giving your clients every technical support they need. Additionally, they also train you to handle some things by yourself.


    QUES: How much will it cost to register with them and own such a company?
    ANS: It will cost you just N25,000.

    QUES: Will I be paying this N25,000 every year?
    ANS: In subsequent years, you will only need to be paying just N7,200 to keep your domain and host live.

    QUES: Am not a web developer, can I still be able to handle such a system?
    ANS: Yes, you don't need to be. But if you are a web developer, it will be a plus for you. Because Eaglehost234 will handle every technical aspect for you.

    QUES: How will people know about my hosting company?
    ANS: You need to always advertise your company because advertisement is the key to success.

    QUES: How many websites can I host in this package or does it have any number of website limitation cap?
    ANS: You can host unlimited websites. As many as possible. No limitation.

    Go to their website, at the top you will see live chat, click live chat to directly chat up with them on WhatsApp or send an email containing your full name, phone number, and your intention of owning a web hosting company with them to and they will call you up.

    Hope this helps.

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