how to hard reset all itel phone

Discussion in 'itel' started by salihu2013, Nov 23, 2016.

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    This is a short post on how to hard reset all itel phones. Itel phone are one of the smart android phone that runs on spreadtrum chipset and and thier os are .PAC. Many have been saying Itel phone dont have recovery which is not true, Only few itel phone dont have recovery but but most of them have recovery only few people kwon how to get the recovery.

    Warning: follow the instruction very carefully

    let get started
    1. switch off the phone
    2. Remove the battery and insert it again
    3. press the power key for 2 second and quickly press the volume down key
    4. release the power key and continue to press the volume down key. the phone will show android
    5. press the power key and volume down together
    5 scroll to wipe userdata and cache and press the power to select
    6. you will see no no no scroll to yes and press the power key to select after wiping you will press the power key to reboot
    you have successful hard rest you itel phone

    please if it fail try again till you get it. step 3 is the most important.

    get more help at techwizng .com

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