How To Get Public Transport Timings Inside Facebook Messenger

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    How To Get Public Transport Timings Inside Facebook Messenger

    If you rely on public transport, and so many of us do, missing the bus or the train is the worst thing that can happen. It’s bad if you’re going for an interview and it’s bad if you’re trying to catch the last train home. For a daily work or school commute, most people know what time their public transport of choice arrives. Likewise they know their next option in case they miss the first one. For times when you’re caught unprepared, Moovel’s new Facebook Messenger bot Public Transport By Moovel is the answer. It works on both your phone and your desktop but is best used on phones. You send the bot your current location and it gives you public transport timings for it.

    Visit the link at the bottom to add the Public Transport by Moovel bot. Tap ‘Get Started’ and wait for the bot to send you its welcome message.

    Once you receive the messages, you will see a ‘Share location’ button. Tap it to share your current location. You will have the option to pick a different location via the in-app map and get transport timings for it.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    The transport timings tell you which bus or train it is that’s available and how much time there is left to catch it. If you tap the ‘Get more details’ button on the information card, it takes you to a map which guides you to the nearest train station or bus stop.

    You won’t see the ‘Send Location’ button after that. To send the bot your location a second time, tap the location button next to the thumbs-up button above the keyboard. You will see a map with your current location already pinned on it. You can alternatively search for and select a different one.

    Public Transport By Moovel is useful but it is limited to the cities where Moovel is currently operational. It won’t work for a lot of people who reside outside these cities, and most of the world. The bot doesn’t tell you if the public transport options available are for a train or a bus. If you’re a tourist using this bot, you might have a little trouble understanding it. In this case, the map can help.

    Add Public Transport By Moovel To Facebook Messenger

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