How To Get Mtn Season of Surprise Gift

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    It's surprise time guys here is the latest mtn surprise called season of surprise , I know may people love
    surprise's ! This mtn season of surprise any one can do it and get his or her season's surprise from MTN ! ( gift )
    What kind of surprise mtn gives in the season of surprise ?
    Your season of surprise could be ;
    1.. It can be Free data to browser and download
    2.. It can be free airtime to call your family and your friends, you can call me too lols.
    3.. It can be free SMS to text your love one and also your enemies !
    4.. You can be given an opportunity to get any data plan at a very cheap price
    5.. And many more mtn season of surprises....
    NOTE : Only mtn knows the surprise to give each of their subscribers.

    How to get your mtn season of surprise gift
    Kindly dial *142# and get your amazing surprise Just4U .
    I was given 400mins free call and Also 500mb in my second sim.
    What was the surprise you got ?
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