How to get Glo Free Data Day 200MB for October

Discussion in 'Mobile Free Browsing Codes And Tips' started by ifeskilz, Oct 27, 2017.

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    If you can still remember a month ago, Glo declared September 28, 2017 a free data day where every qualified client were proudly entitled to the free data that sums up a total of 200MB for a day but this time the Glo Mobile have extended the date by adding extra 3 days. The Glo Free Data day is on the 31st October, 2017.

    It practically appears that the popular Nigerian Mobile network is utilizing this free data day awoof to attract its esteemed and new clients to their system since this is the third time they are announcing the free data day.
    How to get Glo Free Data MB for October

    All esteemed and new Glo clients would now be able to appreciate an entire day of free data when they meet arrangement of voice or potentially data use limit inside 7 (seven) days to the free data day. The Glo Mobile Network doesn't give anything for nothing, therefore there must be terms and conditions applied before you all can be granted this free day of data.
    Glo has authoritatively reported October 31, 2017 a free data day. It doesn't require much anxiety. There's no membership or whatever intend to pick in for. To be qualified for Glo free data day, you have to meet some specific prerequisites or requirements which I'll clarify here in this article.

    How to get Free 200MB for 9Mobile Users

    To be qualified, guarantee you do both of the accompanying in the 7 days going before the declared Free data Day:
    Firstly, you must utilize N150 or more on voice calls In addition to at least 100mb of data
    Secondly, you must utilize N250 or more on voice calls.
    If you are lucky enough and you meet the requirements stated above, you will be notified with a SMS reporting or stating your qualification for the free data day.
    I will be very happy if Glo can continue like this and most especially it will help attract more customers or clients to the network so it is a very wise and effective strategy to use if i must say.
    It would be ideal if you share this post utilizing the offer catches underneath, so others can be educated too.

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