How To (Finally) Undo Send In Gmail For iOS

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by skylimit, Nov 7, 2016.

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    How To (Finally) Undo Send In Gmail For iOS

    Gmail has long had an ‘Undo Send’ feature. It must be enabled, but once done, it gives you a thirty second window to take back an email after sending it. For a long time, this feature was experimental. It was only last year that it was made a standard feature in Gmail. Despite the feature now being stable for over a year, it hasn’t been added to the Gmail mobile apps. Gmail for Android still lacks the ‘Undo Send’ feature but Gmail for iOS has just received an update that adds the ‘Undo Send’ button to it.

    You must be running Gmail 5.0.3 to get the ‘Undo Send’ button. You must have enabled the feature from Gmail for web before you can start using it on your iOS device.

    Gmail 5.0.3 brings a major design overhaul to the app in addition to this feature. Gmail for iOS is much closer to Android now in terms of UI. When you send an email, a status bar appears at the bottom of the screen. At the right end of this bar, you will see an ‘Undo Send’ button. Tap it to recall your email. Remember that you still only have a thirty second window to recall it. The update doesn’t extend the time for taking back the email.

    [IMG] [IMG]

    Gmail for Android surprisingly doesn’t have this feature just yet though, it has to be on its way.

    For those of you wondering just how ‘Undo Send’ works, when you tap the ‘Send’ button, Gmail doesn’t immediately send the email. It waits for thirty seconds, or however long a delay you’ve set, and then sends it. During that brief period, if you realize you’ve attached the wrong document to an email, forgotten an attachment, or added the wrong person in the ‘To’ field, you have the option to take it back.

    Once you tap ‘Undo Send’, the message is opened so you can make changes to it.

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