How To Enable One Hand Typing On Android

Discussion in 'Othe Phones' started by Henryobinna, May 6, 2016.

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    One hand typing is a feature that that rearranges your android keyboard and repositions the keys to fit into a one hand typing position, what this means is when one hand typing is activated on your android the keyboard is rearranged to fit in the position to type with one of your hand(your thumb) either your left hand or left, depending on what position you want it.
    The one hand typing feature is especially nice and handy for those who like typing with one hand(especially myself), I prefer typing with one hand except when my scree is on landscape, but now this feature has made better.

    First, download the Google Android Keyboard(download link is provided at the end of post.
    After downloading, make the Google Android Keyboard your default keyboard.
    Done with the above, open a text app, WhatsApp or any app that requires typing. Once the keyboard comes up, hold on the comma key ',' and two icons would appear above it, drag your thumb to the one on the right and the one hand typing feature has been activated.

    Next is to position it to fit typing with your left hand or right hand, by default it is positioned for left hand typing, once the feature is activated tap on the arrow that appears on the bottom right to make it switch to right hand typing, same method for left hand typing.

    below is a short video tutorial


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