How to download and watch Netflix offline

Discussion in 'Windows Discussions and Solutions' started by MANDINHO, Nov 12, 2016.

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    Step 1 : How to download Netflix video


    There is no official way of 'downloading' Netflix content, but what you can do is watch the TV show or film you want to view offline and capture the screen as you do it. This does mean playing it from beginning to end but it's really the best - and only - way of doing it. It's a workaround, really.

    Step 2: How to download Netflix video


    Download and install a screen-capture program. There are many to choose from, both free and paid, including CamStudio (free), Audials Moviebox (approx £20), Camtasia Studio (approx £250) and
    Screencast-O-Matic (free). For this tutorial, we're going to use the former which is available for Windows.

    Step 3: How to download Netflix video


    Once you've installed the software of your choice, fire it up and get Netflix ready in your browser. By default CanStudio will record a fixed region, so in the Region menu select Full Screen. This will capture Netflix video in its entirety.

    Step 4 : How to download Netflix video


    You'll also want to change the audio settings as the software will not record anything by default. Click Options and choose Record audio from speakers. We got a message pop up but audio records without a problem.

    Step 5 : How to download Netflix video


    Select Options > Program Options > ‘Minimize program on start recording’ to automatically minimise CamStudio before your recording starts.

    Step 6: How to download Netflix video


    With Netflix ready to go with the TV show or film you want to capture, hit record (the round red button) and switch to Netflix. Hit play on the video and go full screen. You will have to let the episode or movie run to the end but when it's done go back to CamStudio and hit stop.

    Step 7 : How to download Netflix video


    Now save the give the file a name and save it where you want. Annoyingly Windows will automatically play the video back.

    Step 8 : Android and iPad


    The above method will result in files which you can then transfer to Android, iPhone or iPad (and most devices) which is probably the easiest thing to do. However, you can record the screen on your Android device if you wish to 'download' Netflix content.

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