How To Disable Auto-Jump In Minecraft

Discussion in 'Android Phones' started by skylimit, Nov 4, 2016.

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    How To Disable Auto-Jump In Minecraft

    Minecraft is a world of fun blocks and monsters that try to kill you when you go out, or if your home isn’t properly lit. If you haven’t tried the game, give the trial version a spin. If nothing, the game certainly gives you plenty of room to be creative. The world of Minecraft has a lot to do with looking for and amassing the right resources in order to achieve the game’s objective. The game updates regularly to introduce new types of resources aka blocks. Minecraft 1.10.2 introduced Magma blocks and it also introduced ‘Auto-Jump’. Auto-Jump lets you jump up one block. In older versions of Minecraft, and most other games, the ‘jump’ function is executed by hitting the space bar. With Auto-Jump, you no longer have to do that. When your avatar approaches a block, it automatically hops on to it. The feature has its pros and cons and depending on how useful you think it is, you can turn it off. Here’s how.

    Launch Mineraft and head right into the game’s option. Click/Select Controls and at the very top of the movement controls, you will see a toggle button for Auto-jump. Click it to turn it Off.


    Players might think Auto-Jump is a problem and possibly a pointless control but it has its advantages, one of which is ergonomic in nature. PC players might experience discomfort or even cramps from repeatedly executing the ‘Jump’ action and this saves them from that so long as they don’t go for a long swim.

    It has its fair set of disadvantages i.e. lack of control as to when you jump. This might mean the difference between being seen by a Creeper, or accidentally leaping over a block that’s meant to be a barrier, or in my case, falling on top of an Enderman.

    Whether you decide to turn it On or Off is subject to your own preferences of course. We’re just happy happy there is an Off option.

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