How to deal with envious employees

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    How to manage a jealous staff*

    *A. What is jealousy?*
    Jealousy is showing a dislike for someone because you want what they have. Other names jealousy is known are envy, covetousness, intense desire, resentfulness, grudge, bitterness, malice and spite.

    *B. What can cause a staff to become jealous of an employer?*
    1. Jealousy can creep in when a staff feels unappreciated, under paid and over looked for promotion
    2. Jealousy can come in when a person feels insecure
    3. Some people’s jealousy can be pathological (a psychological disorder that causes a person to be preoccupied with the thought that he/she is better than anyone).
    Many jealous employees make an assumption of the money their employer earns, and convince themselves that they could do a better job and earn more than their boss.

    *C. How can you identify a jealous staff?*
    1. They love it when you make mistakes
    2. They are unhappy when you succeed.
    3. They openly criticize you in and outside the work place
    (They criticize or belittle your appearance, achievements, personality, or personal life)
    4. They talk behind your back (gossip)
    5. They give you backhanded, false compliments (their comments
    make you feel uncomfortable and they often over do it)
    6. They secretly sabotage your work and effort
    7. They spread lies about you.
    Jealousy can make a workplace toxic and hell like. It kills productivity, ruins team morale, and causes unnecessary drama at work.

    Envy and jealousy may be covered with mild criticism, derogatory remarks and excessive praise but the aim is to put obstacles in your path that you may not be able to trace to their source. And do not be surprised when you eventually discover that the brain behind your problems is your admirers, best friends or best staff.

    *D. How can you handle a jealous staff?*
    1. Acknowledge jealousy is a natural human emotion that we have all experienced at one point or another but should never be allowed to go weird
    2. Success of any kind creates envy and one of the ways to enjoy continuous success is by learning how to manage envy from both friends, workers and foes.
    3. Expect jealousy from anyone around you, any one I repeat.
    _If you suspect your employee may be jealous of you, here are some ways you can manage this misnomer._

    *(a) Stay calm and remain positive.*
    1. Take a lighter approach to manage it and shrug it off if the staff’s attitude is not threatening. In the other hand, try to be firm in dealing with it if it is becoming inimical to the health of your business.
    *(b) Remain Professional*
    1. Treat all employees equally and fairly in line with your company’s policy.
    2. Communicate often with staff and intimate them with the business policy
    *(c) Give Credit Where it’s Due*
    1. Praise all employees for a job well done instead of just a select few.
    2. Provide all employees with a list of the criteria you use for evaluation and generously praise the outstanding ones.
    *(d) Refrain from Bragging*
    1. Avoid the temptation to flaunt your wealth, success, beauty or any other peculiar endowment before your workers.
    2. Boasting will definitely make your workers and observers feel inferior and become covetous and jealous.
    3. Learn to keep a low profile in the sight of men even when it is apparent you can afford to buy or control the city.
    4. Use your gifts and endowment as a source of blessing to others rather than using it to acquire wealth, intimidate others and to attain selfish interest.
    *(e) Have a One on One Discussion*
    1. Schedule a meeting with him to resolve your differences.
    2. Let him know you noticed his behavior and you wish to know the reason for it and the rift between you and him.
    3. If necessary, highlight what you observed in him and the fact that his conduct is having adverse effect on other workers and the business.
    4. Listen when he speaks and try to understand his point of view with the purpose of seeking solution to the problem.
    *(f) Terminate their appointment*

    Some people’s jealousy can be pathological as earlier on mentioned here
    1. If the situation doesn’t improve, you may need to relieve him of his job.
    2. Run as fast as possible and very far away from irredeemable envious people around you because like a viper, they are waiting for an opportunity to strike you and when they strike their poison is often deadly.

    By: *Dr. Olatoye Akeem Taiwo*

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