How to Create Cracks On the Face in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Discussion in 'Graphic Designing/Photoshop Tutorials' started by djayz1, Oct 23, 2014.

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    The effect of creating cracks on the face in Photoshop CS6 is not such hard job to do. You need to follow the simple steps and you are all the way through it.

    Additionally, believe me it is hell fun creating such cracked face images of young ones. It can give you a look that how a person is going to look when he or she’ll become old.

    Step 1 : Open the raw image on Photoshop A portrait of a person preferably.

    Step2 : Open Google, type “Cracks on the wall” and check the images. Download an image of a wall with the cracks on it.

    Step 3 : Copy paste the downloaded cracks image right above the portrait image.

    Step 4 : In the right side corner, you will find a box called Layers. There you will see both the images you have loaded on Photoshop. Be sure, that the cracks image layer is on the top and the portrait layer is in the bottom.

    Step 5 : Now Select the cracks image in the layers box, and click on the drop down menu on the top of the layer box. You will get various options like Lighten, Softlight, Hard light, Linear etc. Click on “Multiply”. That will directly give the crack effect the portrait picture.

    Step 6 : Click on the history brush and erase the unnecessary cracks on the face.

    Congratulations! You have successfully created crack effects on the face of your desired image.

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