How To Bypass Your Android Lock Screen When Locked Out.

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    How To Bypass Your Android Lock Screen When Locked Out.


    Have you forgotten your password or the screen lock pattern on your android or even the PIN with which you securely lock your android smartphone against intruders? Don't worry there's a way out. But wait. Yes, we know all modern smartphones and most mid-range smartphones come with fingerprint scanner making the traditional password, pattern or PIN lock on screen obsolete and outdated, but that doesn't mean all android smartphone users are on these modern and wonderful smartphones with perfect features, for this reason am putting up this post to help those on smartphones without finger print scanner and unfortunately got locked out of their smartphone to regain access to their smartphone by easily bypassing/H@cking through the android lock screen pattern, PIN and password.

    Requirements To Bypass The Android Lock Screen
    Before we proceed to how to bypass the security lock screen on your android, we'll have to take note of the requirements to easily bypass the security lock screen on on your android smartphone.
    Since bypassing the security and regaining access to the android smartphone involves the use of Android Device Manager, You'll need your Google account and als:

    - Have your Google account logged in on the locked device.
    - The device need to have internet connection at the time you intend to unlock it.
    - A computer with internet access.

    Once you've got all of these requirements above you're now set and ready to bypass the lock screen and unlock your locked android smartphone to regain access.

    How To Bypass Your Android Lock Screen When Locked Out
    - On the computer with internet access, head over to Android Device Manager.
    - You'd be prompted to login with your Google account, log in with the Google account that's already logged in on the device. All android phone requires this log in since you can't download from the play store without a Google account.
    - Once logged in, you're taken to the page where you're to select which of your devices.
    - By default the said device is selected already, click on 'Lock'.
    - Once clicked, this lock has overridden the pattern, PIN and/or password lock that's been used on your android.
    - From there you can unlock the phone immediately and easily.
    - Also remember you can also find your lost android smartphone from there.

    That's all when it comes to bypassing the screen lock pattern and password the most legal way. Some other methods abound but they're not as effective as this.


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