How To Become A Graphic Designer In 4 Steps

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    As Nigeria Tech industry continues to develop, Graphic design has become an important sector of the tech industry. Graphic design is a very lucrative profession, as everything used online and offline requires a touch graphics. From adverts to web design to app development, graphics is needed. For those interested in diving into the world of graphics and don’t know where to start, Here’s an article From Nigeria's most innovative software company Mettalloids.
    Focus on An Area of Graphic Design: Graphic design is a very broad field. Web development, advertising, animation are forms of graphics design and you have to choose which area you would love to specialize in because without focus, You have no direction.

    Acquire the tools: At this point you should already know some of the tools you’ll be needing. To start, you’ll need a laptop (obviously!!) and a mouse for ease and comfort. If you use a mouse regularly, there’s no denying the fact that it’s extremely easier to use a laptop with a mouse than a Touchpad.
    To showcase your creativity and how awesome you are through graphics you’ll need few software. You can start off with two major software, Corel Draw and Photoshop.
    If you have the intention of designing logos, flyers, banners and the likes, The best choice will be to start with Corel Draw. There’s no limitation to what you can produce with Corel, It all depends on the creativity of the user.
    So you don’t really like designing logos or banners, you’re more of a picture person. You have more love for editing and altering images, Photoshop is the software for you. Photoshop is also limitless when it comes to altering images.

    Read Books / Watch Videos: The internet is a mine field of publications to help you start your career as a graphic designer. You could be a hard copy person, buy books that would teach you design fundamentals and practice as you read them.
    So you hate reading and tend to memorize better when you see things in motion, welcome to the 21st century where we have YouTube. Tons of videos you can use are available online.

    Study the Pros: You’re reading a magazine and you see a lovely graphic design, don’t say “awwwnnnn” and close the magazine. Take note of the design, try to recreate it, make it better, and add a touch of your style.
    Expand your scope of design, check out fashion websites, music labels, and book stores even jewelry designs. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional “graphic design”.
    Remember that old saying “Practice makes better”, graphic design isn’t an exception. Continue practicing and you’ll become an awesome graphic designer.

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