Music How can the live music experience be improved?

Discussion in 'Music and Music Videos' started by adamjohnson, Nov 24, 2016.

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    Here's my premise: My home listening music experience has improved vastly. I still have my turntable, record collection, nice speakers but more and more I'm very satisfied with my phone and my headphones. I collected music for years but the variety I have access to now is unprecedented.

    So what's been happening at concerts?

    To me festivals are uncomfortable and plagued with bad sound, mostly bad music, and stupid activities.

    Small venues offer the same things they always have. Some musicians complain poor sales makes it impossible to make a living. So I think, you're the artist, you're the professional entertainer, if you want to make a living at it you need to get me to buy a concert ticket. But what are they doing to give me a good bang for my buck? How is the experience being enhanced?

    Let me ask this then. What musicians are doing something that will draw you in? To make you NOT want to play with your phone?

    It may sound like I don't love live music. I do. But I'm not as inclined as I used to be to get out there.

    Any thoughts?


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