How ancient Egyptians performed birth control

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    What are the most disturbing facts about Ancient Egypt that most people do not know?

    Ancient Egyptians and necrophilia. When a man died in Egypt, he was embalmed right away. Women, though, were a different matter. By law, the beautiful and the powerful weren’t sent to embalmers until they had decayed for three or four days. This was because they didn’t trust the embalmers. This wasn’t just paranoia. It was something that the Egyptians learned the hard way. An embalmer left in charge of mummifying a royal body was caught in the act by a coworker.

    Egyptian Proctologists Were Called ‘Shepherds of the Anus’

    The Ancient Egyptians Believed That Men Menstruated

    Ancient Egypt was plagued with diseases. In particular, schistosomiasis infected nearly everyone there. It’s an illness that makes people feel sick and causes blood in the urine and stool. It was so common that they didn’t even realize it was a disease

    Ancient Egyptians got schistosomiasis so often that they just thought they were menstruating. They accepted that men had to menstruate just like women, and they accepted the blood coming out of their bodies as a normal part of growing up.

    Birth Control practiced in ancient Egypt was kinda gross

    In Ancient Egypt, they believed that a mixture of mostly honey and crocodile dung, which was then plastered all over the vagina, was a great way to avoid getting pregnant. For some reason, they decided that this was an effective spermicide


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