How am making 0.01btc daily online

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    1. What is Revenue Share ?
    Revenue shares are advertisement business where advertisement products are sold which provides a solid platform to promote our Business and get leads to the business.

    2. What is the need to have advertisement packages (AdPacks) in the revenue shares site with some maturity? When the people purchase some advertisement packages they will get some credits to get some visits to there business so that they get leads to there business or views .By adding some maturity to advertisement packages the number of members increases to site as members get some profits along with some credits to promote business and this helps site to have visitors for others business.

    3. From where the owner is getting profits to pay to the members in the sites ?
    Owner can pay to the members from the profits he get through logins ads purchase ,banner purchase ,text ads purchase etc .
    For Example: site has now 150k plus members ,if 10k people see the worth of site and if they feel like to purchase login ads and if the login ads cost 10$ per one day , the admin will make an income of 100,000$ in a single day only through login ads with 10k members ,next day if 5k people like to buy the same login ads then 50k$ income ,like this there are many products in site ,so this profits will be shared to the members in terms of maturity .this will be possible when the maturity rate is low and less capping per day because we can't expect the number of sales per day ,some times High and some times low ,so they need to have enough time to pay maturity ,so low plans are best for long term and the sites which pay high in less time has no meaning and I don't think they are called as revenue shares .
    There are some 6-8 sites executing this same plan and also few sites have some good products they are selling on site to generate more income to make stability
    Interested Persons should. Drop there email for info or comment here

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    Join the best Bitcoin investment program that pay you interest on your Bitcoin daily even if you are sleeping, the best part is that you can start with as low as 0.00100000 btc ($1.45) =(N600 now)
    Set automatic withdraw and re-invest if you don't want to log in all the times and the program will do the rest of the job for you.
    Go here to join now.
    Contact me via phone call or whatsapp on 07067767048 if have any question or need any assistance.
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    Hello Friends,
    CMA means Community Mutual Aid.
    CMA was launched in South Africa and Lesotho (16th January 2017) and
    has recorded great successes. It has been launched in Nigeria
    (1st March 2017), in its quest to take over Africa and the world.
    Thousands of participants from South Africa, Nigeria, Lesotho
    are getting paid daily already.

    CMA is paying 40% in Naira and 50% in Bitcoin. The choice is yours.


    *CMA Presentation:*

    *CMA testimonies:*

    <> 10% referral bonus
    <>5% speed bonus when you deposit or confirm within 24hrs
    <>5%bonus for video testimonials
    <>3% bonus for audio testimonials
    <>Automatic recomitment of 30% of the withdrawal amount
    <>Minimum create dream 12,000 naira
    <>Maximum create dream 2.5million naira
    matching takes

    *Dreams of 16k – 159,999 = $20
    *Dreams of 160k – 999,999 = $50 *Dreams of 1million and above = $100.
    **NOTE** Registration Bonuses do not grow.


    Whatsapp Nos: +2348063545789 Or

    Join the whatsapp Group below:


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    It stop paying since yesterday do not invest

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    HOW MPA/MPCA Works:

    What to do:

    1.) set up a banner,

    2.) buy adpacks for that banner (credits),

    3.) surf 10 ads a day.

    What it is:

    Revenue Sharing = the company (MPA) shares its revenue with us.

    Revenue comes from members buying adpacks, from advertisers who buy advertising (not adpacks), members who buy extra advertising like log in ads, etc , and also from membership fees.

    Revenue is shared to members who surf 10 ads and buy adpacks  advertising packages) as a BONUS.


    When we buy adpacks, we receive banner credits and website credits to promote our websites and programs

    Adpacks can earn about 1.5% - 2.5% per adpack per day, until adpacks have earned 120%(example 10adpack cost 0.1btc you get 0.0025btc on each pack daily which give a total 0.025btc daily , which takes 60days ) then they expire and become inactive.


    We buy adpack, we surf ads, we get our money back, plus we earn 20% profit on each adpack.

    We can use the earnings to withdraw, or buy more adpacks with it to increase our earnings potential.

    Earnings are posted to your earnings balance daily, you can see OVERALL TOTAL earnings of your adpacks on your overview page.

    Earnings can vary, earnings depend on daily revenue, there is no guarantee.

    Now, if you refer others (affiliate program), then you earn commissions on all your referrals' purchases, which you can use to buy more adpacks, however, recruiting is not required to earn.

    It a win win situation you buy ads put your links to other programs, get referral to your link and earn money.

    Join now

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    welcome to Community Mutual Aid Nigeria, the best crowdfunding platform and the fastest growing donation exchange platform in Africa. We are happy to have you here.

    Well, we have sessions here daily but let me quickly run some basic features of CMA by you.

    ✅Fast and well maintained servers- No unscheduled downtime.
    ✅Earn 40% Naira
    ✅Earn 50% Bitcoin
    ✅Earn 10% referral bonuses
    ✅Earn 5% speed bonuses
    ✅Earn 3% or 5% testimonial bonuses
    ✅Minimum create dream 12000
    ✅Maximum create dream 2500000
    ✅Maximum withdrawal 5000000
    ✅Automatic Recommitment of 30% of withdrawal amount only after dream has been withdrawn in full
    ✅Registration bonuses:
    Above $3000=$100
    ✅Matching time:
    2-3weeks for Bitcoin
    3-4weeks for Naira
    Note: 30days starts counting from the day dream is created
    Guiders and Bonuses
    Level 1: 5% direct referrals
    Level 2: 3% from people recruited by level 1
    Level 3: 2% from people recruited by level 2
    Level 4: 1% from people recruited by level 3

    Please read the pinned message for more information and then sign up here to be a part of our big family:

    Do not forget to invite your friend to this great opportunity
    You can also like and follow our Facebook campaign page at cma40africa as we spread the good news of CMA.
    Have a wonderful experience

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