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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Atarhe, Dec 10, 2016.

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    The sudden emergence of MMMwestafrica will surely shake things up on MMM Nigeria since it offers lots of Mouth watering bonuses. Well we members of MMMwestafrica are all taking the pain and risk to test these Newly born MMM scheme in other to confirm the progrm, cause no one has gotten help from the system. Over 20,000 Participants have joined and more are still registering. MMMwestafrica will surely take over MMM Nigeria. So why wait and look before signing up.

    What to gain if you sign up

    You become a guider automatically 50% monthly with other bonuses.

    50% Per Month

    1.66% Daily Growth

    10% Direct Referral bonus

    Minimum Provide Help N1000

    5% MANAGERs Income

    3% 100 Guider income

    1% 200+ Guider income

    0.3% daily task income

    10% Speed bonus

    100% link will be received 15days after PH

    50 Member add just auto MANAGER panel

    Growth starts from the time of commitment + Happiness Letter compulsory

    100% Honest Admin

    Click below to register

    http: // www. mmmwestafrica. com/registration.asp?
    Copy and paste url in address bar and Remove space in address above
    Note: Participants have started to get help join now

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