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    Dataplans by Viewslog allows you to easily and quickly find and compare data plans across network providers.

    For instance, you want to know how much data an amount can get you, simply visit, enter your amount (e.g 1000, N2000, NGN3000 or ₦5,000, etc), and hit find and you are looking at available data plans that costs that amount.

    You can also find by data size, e.g 1.5GB, 1000MB or 'unlimited'. Type in '4G' to get 4G data plans, or type 'business' to get data plans that are meant for business/enterprise.

    Range search is also possible, for example you can type '2GB to 5GB', '3 - 4GB' or '1000 to N5,000' to get data plans within that range.

    You can ask things like 'How much is Etisalat 1.5GB data plan', 'Which mtn and glo data plan lasts for 7 days', or 'What Spectranet and Airtel data plans costs from N3000 to 5000'.

    Typing '1 year' will give you data plans that lasts for 1 year (365 days), or you can type '30 days' to get data plans that lasts for a month, etc. To get all the data plans of a particular network provider, simply type in the network provider's name (e.g Smile).

    When you find a data plan that looks interesting, you can either view it's details, or check/select it, continue browsing and if you find another one that looks just as interesting, select it too and hit the compare button.

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