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Discussion in 'Ebooks' started by djayz1, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Easy to understand with many examples. Every day you hear in the daily news about hackers, virus, worms and trojans, SUB7, TCP, IP, PING, spoofing, sniffing, DDOS attacks, ...?
    And you don't know exactly what it is and how hackers do that.
    Don't rest a "lamer", Hacker's Blackbook let's you know and discovers many secrets.
    Incredible how easy H@cking and Cr@cking is!
    The book shows how simple you can use these programs.
    And many more themes in 19 detailed chapters...

    These are the books in the archive Tricks Of The Internet Gurus (HTML Format)
    Hackers Survival Guide (RTF Format)
    H@cking for Dummies 2 (DOC Format)
    H@cking Into Computer Systems - Beginners (PDF Format)
    Maximum Security - A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network (PDF Format)

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