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    What is Ultimate Cycler?
    Ultimate Cycler is a home-business program created by Peter Wolfing that’s been designed to be easy to get started with and quick to get you into profit.

    It’s a 2×2 cycler with a direct member-to-member compensation plan that allows for 100% instant payout on commissions. There are 6 matrix levels to earn from, but your out-of-pocket expense is only a 1-time $25 i.e (#12,500 )with no monthly fees or admin fees.

    The Compensation Plan

    ultimate cycler review If you’re reading this review right now, it’s probably safe to assume that you’re interested in how this program can make you money, right? So first things first, we’ll start with the comp plan. In a Nutshell you start with 12,500 Naira and the system matches you with four people that will pay you 12,500 Naira each. Its just that simple

    It all starts with a 1-time $25 to get into your first matrix. Depending on how you choose to build, this may be the only payment you will ever have to make, everything else can come out of profit. This 1-time $25 payment gets you access to the back office, all the products, the marketing system, etc, etc.

    Your matrix has 2 levels consisting of 6 spots (2 on the 1st level, 4 on the second). Your second level is your payline. So when a slot is filled on your second level, either by your efforts or someone else’s, you earn 100% of those commissions…or in this case $25. So each $25 matrix pays out $100 ($25 X 4). When all 6 spots are filled, you cycle out and have the option to activate another matrix and get paid all over again.

    There are also 5 higher level matrixes ($50, $100, $200, $400, and $800) which all function the exact same way. You do not have to pay any extra money to upgrade to these higher levels if you don’t want to either, just pay for it out of profit. Of course the fast track is to position yourself in all 6 matrixes right away, but the option to start at the $25 level and work your way up through profits is there if needed, which is great.

    The fact that this is a 1-time pay program with no monthly fees, only costs $25 to get started, and pays 100% instant commissions means people will jump on this and you can easily start seeing multiple cycles per day.

    You can actually get all in, find 2 who find 2 who do the same and immediately earn up to $6,300 with just 6 people…pretty amazing!

    If you’re new to compensation plans, all of this might sound a bit confusing. But don’t worry, I assure you it’s simple once you get it. There is a comp plan video from the owner Peter Wolfing that goes over everything in detail on the compensation plan section of the website. Watch it a few times if you need to…however long it takes for you to really get how powerful this comp plan really is.

    Now i understand that look, you're probably thinking i cannot talk to people, bring people into this business, i don't like networking business... Ultimate cycler is the first of its kind. Trust me you don't have to do anything just sign up make the one time payment, get activated and receive your earnings.

    “I’ve experienced the power of this type of comp plan first-hand. The System automatically cycles itself and assigns 4 people to pay you #12,500 each unlike other network MLM where you must register people before you earn anything…”

    so whether you refer someone, register someone or not it really doesn't matter. the only difference is that bring people would enable you receive you #50k in a day or two but if you don't you'll have to wait 2 weeks... Let's make this money together No hassle !!! Register Now

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