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Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by timedal, Nov 23, 2016.

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    hello dear givers, the site is working fine. I just accessed my account not quit long, and people are getting matched for

    Provide Help and Get Help.

    You can access your account on your laptop/desktop, or download the puffin web browser for andriod or BB to access it on

    your mobile phone.

    For people who are new to Givers forum please read below.

    Givers forum, a new community of people helping each other. Givers forum offers 10% weekly increase on any amount you

    used in or provide help with? (a total of 40% in a month). And this 10% is available for withdrawal every week or you can

    leave it for a maximum of 4weeks to make 40% !!

    It works like MMM but have some edges over MMM such as;

    Referral Bonus

    (1.) You get 40% in 4 weeks( I.e 10% interest weekly).
    (2.) You can withdraw your capital and 1st 10% after first week,or wait for 4 weeks to withdraw with 40%
    (3.) Unlike MMM. Without been a guider,you would receive 10% referral bonus for 1st direct referral (1st generation)

    only,but in givers forum, you will receive:
    10% referral bonus for 1st direct referral (1st generation)
    5% bonus for 2nd generation ,
    3% for third generation and
    1% for fourth generation.
    (you are automatically a guider to your referrals)


    Donation from 20,000 earns a reward of 1,000
    Donation from 200,000 earns a reward of 5,000
    Donation from 500,000 earns a reward of 10,000
    Donation from 1,000,000 earns a reward 20,000
    Donation from 2,000,000 earns a reward 50,000

    Feel free to call or whatsapp me..... I leave you to your choice, but think twice you wouldn't want to miss this rare opportunity.?

    To become a member, click the register button on the givers forum website, fill the form and use this email: as your referral. Thank you.

    At First People were Skeptical about Joining Givers Forum, those who took the Bold step are now Testifying and Giving more Help!!! Join Givers Forum Today and be totally Financially Independent...
    Givers Forum offers you 40% interest when you decide to Provide Help of at Least N5,000 in 4 Weeks at 10% Weekly. Its

    Better you join this train as it is Moving and Spreading Fast so you too can secure your place at the Top as the Popular

    MMM Guiders are enjoying huge Bonuses.

    For more info.. call or whatsapp.. 08050756474

    It's in your Hands to make wealth...

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