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    GHW is a well structured and organised donation Platform Designed to last forever.

    - Pays 30% Monthly in Naira, but you can earn 90% Monthly in naira - Pays 50% Monthly in Bitcoin, but you can earn 150% Monthly with bitcoin - $20 to $100 Registration bonus in bitcoin -

    N4, 000 to N20, 000 Registration Bonus in Naira - 10% referral bonus -

    you're are matched on the 23rd to 25th day of your PH and you Get Help on the 30th day. -

    No Guider - you can be a representative you earn 5% extra of your every PH. -

    Everybody must participate unlike other platforms Guiders don't PH, they only depend on bonus from your PH.

    - You will also see the picture and contact of the person you're match to pay.

    ☀ *Note:* *GHW is safe and secure* ☎ *Contact me @ 07039230596

    Or join our group chat with the link brlow

    Register with link below
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    Get Help Worldwide is the most organized and comprehensive donation platform today.

    It offers 30% profit growth (in naira) after 30 days or 50% profit growth after one month when you provide help in bitcoin.

    Click here to signup on the best donation setup today

    If you are a scammer and think you can get away with uploading fake POP on GHW, think again by reading below

    "We have noticed with displeasure, the high rate of fake Proof of Payment (POP) Attachments & members exploiting the system by stopping the penalty time with fake attachments

    Get Help Worldwide is based on trust and actions like this must be dealt with immediately to avoid corrosion of the system

    Henceforth, cases of fake proof of payment attachments will be dealt with ruthlessly through the following penalties:

    - Once found guilty of uploading a fake POP, a total of 25% of your active referrals will be permanently removed from your account (this action will be immediate and CANNOT be reversed).

    - Your next Provide Help will have a maturity rate of 60days.

    - All pending referral bonuses in your account will be cancelled

    - If you default for the third time, your account will be blocked and deleted from the system (no reactivation)

    If you need time extension; you are strongly advised to contact your match receipient for time extension."

    Join GHW now!

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    LiveChanger is a Peer to Peer program where you earn 50% in 10days from date of your PH is matched.
    No Central Accounts (I paid Nigerians and Nigerians paid me)
    No Recommitment
    No Re-Ph before Gh
    You simply Provide help and Get help.
    The maximum of Ph is $200 while the maximum Gh is $500

    It gives a 5% referral bonus for every member who registers under you.

    Just watch Ur Cash Grow

    Step 1: Click the link to register
    Manager ID: leave it blank

    After registration, Log into your account to make sure all your details are correctly inputed.

    Step 2: Click on Payment Details, Click on the $ sign and input your Blockchain Wallet Receive Code.
    Please note: You MUST have a blockchain account before registration. Create the account in, click on RECEIVE and copy the generated code. That code will be used to purchase bitcoin.
    After pasting your blockchain receive code, click submit.

    Step 3: Click on Provide Help, Select Plan, Type in the amount ($10 min and $200 max) and click submit. Wait for 24 -48hrs to be matched
    Step 4: On the 10th day starting from the day you're matched, Click Mavro > PH History > then Claim on your Matured Mavro. Now return to your dashboard and Get Help (GH), click on the ‘Get Help’ button, Write a testimonial and click next, then type in the available amount you wish to GH.

    To GH referral bonus before the 10th day, Click on “Mavro”, then referral bonus. You will see all your referral bonuses. Click “Claim” on each referral bonus that has turned green and it will change to “Claimed”. Then return to dashboard and click GH.
    Follow instructions and Enjoying galore earnings! You can learn more on their page.

    Join us below

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    Join the biggest family let make the world a better place
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    A community of helpers, formed by a group of individuals who sought for a more sustainable peer-to-peer mutual aid platform. See website here:

    you can also register with the above link

    +Operating since August 2016.
    +30% growth on local currency in 30days
    +50% growth on bitcoins in 30days.
    +Registration bonus of $20 - $100 depending on PH amount.
    +Recommitment within 3 days of GH to keep the system running!
    +No Guiders: GHW does not support the excess payout privileges of guiders which drains the system.
    +Website is SSL Protected (https), and hacker-proof.
    +Credibility Score index: rating system employed to award honesty and punish defaulters.

    All we need in this community are people who are active and have the Mind Set to Give and in turn Receive. We need people that will make this community last forever.

    You can also call my number on


    Join today, be proud to be part of a community built to stand the test of time

    You can also join our Ghw group chat..

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