Get Help Worldwide: a dynamic platform where you can PH & GH every in NAIRA up to 30% (50% Bitcoin)

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    I’m bringing you the biggest and best news today

    Get Help Worldwide is a dynamic platform where you can PH and GH every in NAIRA up to 30% (50% Bitcoin) monthly.

    It is a convenient platform where everyone can easily manage their dashboard and determine how fast they will be matched based on their performance and rating.

    This means no more delays in matching and no more presence of members who upload fake pop.

    Click here to sign up on Get Help Worldwide Today

    Steps To Join Get Help Worldwide
    1. Click here to sign up
    2. Fill in the form as accurate as possible
    3. Sign in, go to profile to upload your profile picture and enter your bank account info
    4. Provide help (with naira or Bitcoin)
    5. Check daily to see when you are matched then send the money as required after matching
    6. Get help (after 30 days; get 30% profit in naira or 50% profit in bitcoin)

    Once your first pledge falls within the range below, you will be entitled to a one-time registration bonus
    For Local Currencies:
    1. N15,000 to 149,000 you get N4000 Registration Bonus
    2. N150,000 to N649,000 you get N10,000 Registration Bonus
    3. N650,000 and above you get N20,000 Registration Bonus

    For bitcoins
    1. $50 to $499 you get $20 Registration Bonus
    2. $500 to $2,999 you get $50 Registration Bonus
    3. $3,000 and above you get $100 Registration Bonus

    Also includes 10% Referral Bonus Commission from each person you bring into the system

    Credibility Score:
    Ratings will determine how soon you are matched when requesting for offers. Members who have higher Credibility Score will have higher priority for pairing. To be fair, every new member will start with a credibility score of 100%, however, there will be deductions if certain rules are breached.

    Below are the most common causes for reduced ratings:

    - Asking for 24h time extension once paired to make payments. 25% will be deducted from your score

    - Requesting to provide help and then canceling it before you are matched. 5% will be deducted.

    - Uploading wrong profile picture/information in your profile. 50% will be deducted.

    - Failure to provide help before they time elapses after you are matched. Credibility Score will be wiped out to Zero (0), which leads to automatic profile suspension.

    Each participant is allowed to have ONLY one account.

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    MMM Global Nigeria break down by 30 percent and bonus within 30 days

    MMM is a mutual network, where people provide money (help) directly to each other in automatic private offices via internet with growing help index called Mavro. The power/reward of giving lets you receive 30% growth rate monthly on the amount you donated to a participant in the community.

    MMM is 5 years plus globally and has over 240 million participants in 118 countries. So basically this makes us the largest financial donation exchange in the world. This is how it works:-

    Turn N1000 to N1300

    Turn N5000 to N6500

    Turn N10000 to N13000

    Turn N20000 to N26000+ registration bonus 20$(8000) =N34000

    Turn N150000 to N195000 + registration bonus 50$( N20000)


    Turn N990000 to N1287000 + registration bonus N40000 =N1327000

    and so on.

    You can also choose any investment based on your level between 1000 naira to 2million naira... MMM Nigeria pays

    No buying, No selling, No referring or networking, No computer Skills required.

    Together we change the world.

    Please click on this link to register:

    Click on registration

    Then login

    Click on account

    Click on add

    Input your bank details where your money will be sent

    Click on provide help

    Click on other bank (First Column)

    Type in any amount u intend to invest

    Click on select

    Also in current growth retype d same amount

    Click on $20 bonus

    click save

    You can call or whatsapp me on 08139566950 and 08073003763 for more information.


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