Get A Reliable USD Virtual Cards And Fund It In Naira Today

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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Due to the restrictions on the use of Naira ATM cards for foreign transactions, we have an amazin device means for you to get a VIRTUAL CREDIT CARD to complete your online transaction with ease.

    Our card can be used to pay for stuffs online anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted, depending on the one you ordered.
    The card can be used for:
    * Bing
    * Facebook advert
    * Paypal verification
    * AliExpress
    * Dhgate.
    * EBay or
    * online shopping
    >> You can top up the card at a maximum of $2,500 per card
    >> One time set up fee of N2,500 (empty balance) or N4,000 with $2 balance and N4,500 with $3 balance
    >> Monthly charge of $1/N500 for Card maintenance
    >> 2 times daily Maximum top up times
    >> Free to pay using this card
    >> Custom names and billing address specified by you during set up
    >> 3% when you pay on non USD transactions
    With our 24/7 WhatsApp support, you have nothing to worry about.
    >> The card will loaded with bitcoin, so our rate will
    be based on bitcoin rate for the day.

    Question: Can I use it to make PayPal payments?
    Answer: Yes, the card can be used to verify PayPal and make payment. You can also withdraw our PayPal funds on the card.

    Question: Can the CARD be used for paying merchants?
    Answer: Of course it can.

    Question: Can I use the CARD to open a UK PayPal account?
    Answer: Yes you can use it to open UK Paypal.

    Question: Is it forex rate or cbn rate that is charge during transaction?
    Answer: It is forex rate but the card can be loaded at bitcoin rate, and it gets converted to forex after load.

    You can now do your Online Business with easy and peace of Mind. You can also start your IMPORTATION BUSINESS NOW.

    Call/WatsApp us on: 08137875458 for more info.

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