Free Money – Tronlink Pro Wallet Download, Install and Claim Bonanza!!!!!!

Discussion in 'ALT Coins Talk/Discussion' started by Linksman, Oct 27, 2020.

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    Tronlink Wallet, one of the best wallets on the Tron Blockchain Ecosystem with millions of users worldwide is giving away 300 credits to everyone NOW!!!!!

    Receive 300 POINTS in TronLink Wallet Share Million Tron Give-away

    Pro Step 1- Download TronLink from their Official website at www dot tronlink dot org . Or you can download and install via Google Playstore or Apple Store.
    Step 2- Create an account
    Step 3- After creating an account, click "Me" at bottom right
    Step 4- Select "Friend Invitation"
    Step 5- Select "Claim Rewards”
    Step 6- Enter this code " 29fR " - You will receive 300 Points- Which you can redeem for some crypto currencies of your choice.
    Step 7 – Copy down the new code that appears on the page. That is your own personal invite code you will give to your friends and family to enter when they download, install and want to claim their own free 300 credits.

    *** Now, you can get more multiple 300 points over and over again by inviting your friends and family to also download the Tronlink Pro wallet and enter your personal invitation code. Once, they earn 300 credits, you will also receive 300 credits.
    It’s a win – win situation for everybody.
    NOTE: You can only claim once per device!!!! Multiple claims on a single device Forbidden and can annul any previous claim.
    My Invite code is: 29fR
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