Free Airdrop worth $45.

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Talk/Discussions' started by Ier Stephen, Jul 30, 2021.

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    Pizza Yswap platform currency PZA global community first airdrop, tens of millions of USDT waiting for you!
    To receive the airdrop:
    Please click: fill in the TRC20 address, we will airdrop 10,000 PZA worth about 15USDT for each active address of the TRON wallet
    Invite friends to get rewards:
    Click on the airdrop page: fill in your address, click: Query record, click: Copy link your invitation link, share the invitation link successfully sharing a user can get 3000 PZA rewards, sharing rewards will be in 2021.8. It will be sent to your address on the 20th.

    At the end of 2021.7.28, you can participate in the internal test airdrop rewards: PZA will be launched soon on the Pizza Yswap flash exchange platform internal test, users who participate in the internal test, buying or selling any amount of PZA will receive 20,000 PZA internal test rewards 30USD worth
    If you do not participate in the internal test, you will miss 20,000 PZA worth 30USD internal test rewards. Please use Tokenpockt or MetaMask to open the internal test link

    Pizza Yswap cross-chain flashover platform, relying on the background of global multi-main chain support, integrates applications such as decentralized flashover, market commerce enterprise, and one-stop cross-chain. Users can complete decentralized transactions and realize the free exchange and transfer of multi-chain assets.

    For more information on call or whatsapp me via 07067767048.

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    Yes airdrops are real... Most most of them don't have any value over time.

    Profits from games of knowledge:

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