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Discussion in 'VPN Discussions/Resellers' started by ItuExchange, Nov 27, 2019.

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    The 419 plan is that you send money to get 100% profits of what you send in less than 50 minutes.

    They ask you to send more money once you send first amount.

    They don’t have any website. Even if they do, they can pull it down.

    They have no physical office.

    They claim you cannot comment cause of spamming, but they often remove members (who can’t comment). Needless to say, those members have been scammed or realized they’re criminals and instead, they think his presence in the group is no longer needed.

    They appear religious.

    They use multiple phone numbers belonging to part of their groups to give fake testimony, to deceive people. Alerts shown are money from fools who send money to them. They’re not from investors who get paid.

    You join them or they add you.

    People should start massive campaigns against these idiots who come in different investment names.

    The public should be warned.


    This is a scam. They have duped many people.... Promising to double their money everyday.

    If this was possible, every Nigerian would be rich.

    They are smart liars and a group of fraudsters, who will do everything possible to convince you they're genuine and God-fearing.

    Once they collect your money, they remove you from their group. You can't even comment so that others won't know they're criminals.

    Those who share fake testimonies are part of a large group of the scammers... And they're the ones that can post.. In order to deceive people that this is real.

    The alerts they show you are actually alerts of funds sent by their victims (mumus/magas, who want to become rich by having their monies doubled).

    They're now targeting WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram, looking for victims to join them. The go as far as H@cking social media accounts so that they can deceive and lure your friends and family by posting the scam business, as if you had tried and trusted them (thus ruining your reputation). Now ask yourself, would a legitimate business hack people’s accounts so that they can get more clients?

    Would they add you to their groups without your consent?

    They have no websites and no offices... Sometimes, their written English is terrible. Even if they do, they can always pull the websites and move offices and remove their SIMs.

    You can only PM the admin that will eventually block you once they succeed in stealing your money.

    And they are desperately looking for more victims.

    Please run for your life.

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