Face of Okija 2016; Chinasa Ezeamaka and Chukwudi Enukoha emerge winners!

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    The new brand ambassadors of the ObiJackson Foundation and winners of the historic 3rd Face of Okija pageant are Chinasa Ezeamaka and Chukwudi Enukoha.


    This announcement was made at the finale of the 3rd Face of Okija cultural contest which took place at the ObiJackson Boulevard in Okija, Anambra State on Thursday December 29. It was hosted by media personality and Okija indigene, Ebuka Obi Uchendu.

    Chinasa Ezeamaka a graduate of Music from Anambra State University was the female winner, edging out the other contestants with her mastery of the Igbo proverbs, her carriage and her debate answers which impressed the judges.

    She expressed her joy and gratitude

    “I promise to do my best to elevate the Obijackson foundation and positively transform the image of Okija”
    Chukwudi Enukoha a graduate of Environmental Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education emerged the first ever male winner of the Face of Okija competition.


    He impressed the judges with his wit, extensive knowledge of Igbo culture and traditions and his presentation.
    “To take the Obijackson foundation to an international scale by inviting collaborations from the UNICEF, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to impact the lives of Nigerians”
    The finale which was a cultural festival in its own right, saw an array of various displays of the rich Igbo tradition with a play titled ‘Road to Okija’ and the Okija rising talent hunt.

    The 20 final contestants displayed their passion and knowledge in Igbo language and culture through different activities like dance, debates and knowledge of proverbs

    The 3rd edition of the Face of Okija contest kicked off with a call for registrations on the 29th of November. 20 finalists were selected after a rigorous audition process on the 16th of December.

    All the finalists then proceeded to camp on the r 21st, of December 2016 where they were trained extensively for one week in Igbo culture, language lessons, business training, charity activities with the Obi Jackson foundation and an official visit to the Royal cabinet of Okija amongst other developmental activities.


    The King and The Queen have now become ambassadors of the ObiJackson foundation for the duration of their reign and will each earn a fixed salary of 1.4million for one year, an official vehicle for the duration of reign, a scholarship grant of one million naira (N1,000,000) and a chance to impact the lives of the indigenes of Okija, Igboland and Nigeria positively through a mix of social welfare programs that they will be required to champion. Read the exclusive interview with the winners below:

    1. How does it feel to be the winner?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - I felt very happy when announced and now I feel challenged to perform and carry out the tasks of the foundation
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - I didn't expect to win and I’m really happy

    2. What’s your philosophy and how would you describe your personality?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - My philosophy in life is that one must always be himself without pretense and always work hard. I see myself as calm person and a problem solver, however it might be better described by someone else
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - To trust in God, he will always see you through any condition in life. I’m loyal, kind, humble, a fast learner and can adapt to any environment with little or no supervision.

    3. What was your highpoint during your time in camp or your most memorable experience on camp?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - It was an eyeopener to the charity work of the Foundation especially my visit to the Jesus Abandoned Home in Oraifite
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - My most memorable time in camp was the visit to Nnewi prison and Jesus Abandoned Charity Home. It was my first time going to prison, also at the home we stayed with challenged children and I enjoyed my experience.

    4. What’s your plan for the next one year as Face of Okija?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - Our mission as ambassadors of the Obijackson foundation is to serve God in our neighbours, thats what the next year is going to be about with a focus for me in improving education, sports interactions and youth empowerment
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - The Face of Okija celebrates beauty through service, with the obijackson foundation, I will be focused on the 46 soup kitchens they operate around Nigeria and also promoting health for mothers and children through the Obijackson Children’s Hospital

    5. The Obijackson Foundation is known for its service to humanity, how does this dovetail with your own personal goals?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - I intend to create more avenues for the foundation to impact more lives in service to humanity
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - My personal goals very much coincides with that if the obijackson foundation in many ways. i have observed that the foundations moved by the plight of children and their wellbeing. That is also a focal point of my goal particularly, securing the future of less privileged children.

    7. What new thing do you plan to add to the lives of the people of Okija?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - In respect to the education sector in the Obijackson foundation, I intend to bring ICT training to the secondary schools in Okija
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - I love music, to me music is not just for fun, it is medicine, it’s a tool for social engineering, music is life. Music in its various forms is my greatest gift and music would be my gift to society

    6. Who is the most influential person in your life?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - My mother, Mrs Ngozi Enukoha & Engineer Ifeanyi Onyenanu, my school father in secondary school St Charles social science in Onitsha and Anambra State University
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - My mother Mrs Ezeamaka because she is kind, humble and God fearing. Another person is Barr (Mrs) Nnenna Obiejesi because she is humble and God fearing as well

    7. Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - I have a great interest in education so I see myself as a lecturer and having an environmental consultancy firm
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - God has his plan for my life, I plan to be in my own home with my family and working on my music.

    8. What do you plan to do once the duration of your reign is over?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - I plan to continue working in the charity space & acquire more education and build a healthy and happy family
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - I plan to go for my Youth Service, do my Masters, and start a family

    9. What social welfare programme do you plan to adopt or what can be your greatest contribution to the community?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - The Obijackson foundation has a social welfare programme called Homebound. This programme benefits those who have become immobile due to health issues, abandonment or age
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - Homebound provides life-long medical care, food and financial support for the upkeep of its beneficiaries. Currently, Homebound caters to twenty-eight people; we also have home nurses who take care of their domestic and medical needs

    10. What other things would you like to be added to the Face of Okija pageant?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - It was a great experience and the best in all contests I have seen, I recommend that the pageant maintains its momentum
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - It was really well organised and I learnt a lot from it, It was wonderful, I wouldn’t change a thing.
    11. What is your greatest wish in life?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - To have a healthy and prosperous family in future
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - My greatest desire is to positively impact lives of children, the disadvantaged and the less privileged and be a pride of my native land

    12. What are your thoughts on the Anambra pageant scandals?
    Chukuwdi Enukoha - We have a lot of misguided youths and that leads them to look for success or fame at all costs, I’m advocating for pageants to follow the line of Face of Okija to have a purpose
    Chinasa Ezeamaka - The Anambra scandal was and still is very disturbing. It has such affected pageantry in Nigeria and is degrading to womanhood and in particular our dear Anambra. Pageant winners are public figures and their lives are scrutinized by the general public so it serves as a cautionary tale to organizers to be more careful while screening.

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