Experiences after prostrate removal

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    What happens if your prostate is removed by surgery?

    If the prostate is removed there is a 100% chance you will not be able to ejaculate anymore. There will be a percentage (depends on what you read) that you may be incontinent and there will be a percentage that you will be impotent. The percentage of this too varies depending on what you read.

    I had my prostate removed 8 years ago. During the first 3–8 months I had maybe 2 or 3 episodes where I wet the bed. Also, when I had to pee, I had to PEE right then and it was hard to not piss myself. I did Kegel exercises during my recovery to strengthen those muscles that control urine flow. I've had no problems since then, but sometimes I may leak a couple drops if I have to go real bad. I'd say I'm no worst than any other 51 year old when it comes to that.

    I was young when I had my prostate removed, 43, and had zero issues with my erections when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer via PSA and biopsy. My surgeon stated that after surgery he would expect that I would have no issues with erectile dysfunction (ED) after surgery. There were 2 caveats though (1) depending on how close my cancer was to the nerves that controlled erections would determine whether or not he could save the pair, they wrap around the prostate like a hand cupping a peach, or keep one side or God forbid remove those nerves entirely. He wouldn't know until the surgery. All I could rely on was my youth and my cancer was a Gleason 6 (3+3) (2) wherever I was sexually after 2 years would be all I could expect. They gave me a vacuum pump apparatus as physical therapy to encourage blood flow to the area. It was basically a plastic tube with a battery powered vacuum pump. I used it daily 2–3 times a day. I was determined to do all I could to make love to my wife again…determined!!!

    Thankfully, my nerves were spared and he stated that he was impressed with my nerve bundle. I had my surgery at a teaching university, my surgeon and his residents said that my anatomy in that area was exactly like the text books! They were all surprised at how “picture perfect” the surgical area was! They began to call me “the man with the perfect anatomy”. The surgeon said that he wished he would have filmed the surgery because he thought it would have been very helpful in teaching his surgical residents. Lucky me …I guess!

    Yet, despite my “perfect anatomy” I could not even come close to an erection for 7 months, but with the help of my lovely wife I was still able to have awesome orgasms…dry orgasms! They were so intense!!! I had a feeling that it was going to be OK when one day I was taking a nap and was awoken by the most massive erection! My wife was not home….she missed it! Fortunately, for us after coming back from a party one night “it” began to work again and has continued ever since. I was given a prescription for Viagra and Cialis during my recovery, but all I got from Viagra was super horny, blue hues around lights (tripping out) and no erection and a stuffy nose with Cialis and no erection. I stopped taking those and so far I do not require either for an erection.

    That is my experience after prostate removal. So far my PSA's are still undetectable and my sex quality is so good that at times I'm surprised at how normal I am…. really surprised! My wife really loves the dry orgasms too…no mess…from me anyway!

    *Edit...Thanks for all the upvotes! I really did not think many people would be interested in my journey, but I wrote this with hopes that I could ease the anxiety of those who found themselves in this unfortunate situation. The anxiety I experienced was far worst than the diagnosis! Another story for another question I suppose…Thanks again!


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