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    If u are ready to join ENJEO these are what u should have *

    *Firstly you need a payoneer account. A verified one*

    *A Good VPN*

    *USA fake address*

    *Two email address*

    *Then follow the details below to get started*

    Lets begin with how to create a verified payoneer account

    *How to open a verified payoneer account in minutes*

    First of all click on the link below and sign up

    * and create account as a freelancer(I want to work as a freelancer) with your real details*

    *Confirm your email, after that don't input anymore details, just click account at the upper right corner of the page and click settings*

    *Click on payment and click edit on withdrawal method, then click add payment method*

    *Choose payoneer and it will take you to another page*

    *Click signup and it will bring withdraw through bank or Prepaid MasterCard, choose prepaid MasterCard*

    *Fill your real details correctly and confirm your address*

    *Wait for some seconds and login to your payoneer account, you'll see its approved*

    *Then follow the details below to get started on Enejeo*

    You need to have an ID to complete your registration on payoneer and your acount will be approved in less than 5mins following this method

    Once your account have been verified

    Continue to register on enjeo following the details below

    *EARN FREE 20$ WITH ENJEO ❗❗❗*

    * DON'T DULL IT ✅*

    *STEP 1:-* Download Windscribe or Turbo or Tweakare VPN then connect to any USA location

    *STEP 2:-* Copy the link below first

    *Copy first* and then click on it with your VPN on. Fill your normal details Name and co, but use this link to get your USA ZIP CODE then check for zip code and insert, then *Continue*

    *STEP 3:-* Next page fill your Name, Email, Password, *street address, state, city, same zip code and phone number* from the same fake address generator
    When you see *What is the address of the website that sent you to us?*
    Copy and paste 4this link there

    Go to your *Payoneer Account*, Just login your payooner account, and click on *global payment* to see your *Name of Account, USA bank account number, routing number* then click *Checking* then *Continue ✅*

    *STEP 5:-* After login, you will see *Featured Product*, then click on *Roadside Assistance Mini Plan* and fill out the selection
    *Note:-* When they ask you for you email, *don't use the one you registered with* use another email then fill your debit card for $1 to be deducted. Then continue, click on *Access* then click on *Add Mini Plan* then leave it and wait for some hours then check back your *Enjoe account you will have been credited $21*

    *Refer to get $10 on each members ✅*

    *Do it now❗*


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