Earn Consistently as a partner with TRON SMART CONTRACT

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    TRON is an opportunity that offers its partners a consistent income through its TRON SMART CONTRACT Program. Become a partner and secure your spot in the income stream.


    *1. It is owned by Justin Sun

    *2. Tron was Launched on the 13th of September 2017

    *3. In 2019 Tron bought BitTorrent which have over 100 million users globally and at one point accounted for 30% of all internet traffic worldwide.

    *4. Tron also acquired the famous blockchain social media company Steemit

    *5. In 2019 Tron partnered with Samsung to have its apps, and Dapp on all their new mobile phones

    *6. Tron has partnered with Obike in Singapore, and has helped them create their native token Okoin and accepts it as payment

    *7. Tron has also venture into the DeFi Lending platform

    *8. Tron blockchain is 80times faster than Ethereum and 667 times faster than bitcoin blockchain

    *9. It is over 20times cheaper in transaction fees than both bitcoin and Ethereum.

    *10. Holding TRON entitles you to receive BTT (BitTorrent Token) on the 11th of every month from now til 2025

    *11. Tron is a Proof of stake coin hence you get rewarded for owning some TRON.

    *12. TRON is aim is a decentralized internet and has smart contract features

    *13. TRON works with regular programming language such as python and java which makes it easy for mass adoption for programmers compared to ethereum's solidity

    *14. TRON blockchain offers coin creation features and decentralized apps to play with a super fast TRON SMART CONTRACT, and consistently rake in 6 figures.

    Sounds interesting?

    Join our whatsapp group:

    let me show you the steps to earn with tron and meet with people who are already earning with TRON SMART CONTRACT

    For more information: CALL/CHAT: +234(0)7010338694
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    *Earn over 15m Tron ($400k) with 104trx*
    *This is opportunity to accumulate Tron before it becomes 1trx=$1*

    �� CYBERCHAIN ��

    ��Developed by a trusted creators of Etherchain and Tronchain

    The ultimate matrix where everyone receives Earning ..

    ☑️This is a 3x2 single matrix, meaning you have 2 levels, 3 direct and 9 second.

    ☑️You will receive 50% from each person coming into one of those 12
    positions in your matrix

    ☑️Automated recycling, unlimited earnings, spillover, spillunder,
    directs, you get paid from them all ��❤️

    �100 TRX to get started
    �Peer to peer
    �Unique concept
    �Global spill over
    �Only 1 matrix
    *Buy, sell, trade, and exchange TRON,Bitcoin, ethereum etc from and
    into your bank at cheap rate*
    Contact me on whatsapp +2348133369758

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